Your Profile Pictures are KEY in people choosing you!

While we all love referrals, many of you have to rely on Social Media sites, Zillow, and on your website to provide leads from strangers who come across you on those sites.

When a potential customer is looking for a real estate agent, you’ll have about 3 seconds from when they view your profile picture to when they have made up their mind whether they like you, and even if they want to hire you. Your profile picture is KEY to drawing in those clients.

When you are selling anything at all, the client is buying YOU first! Make a top impression. For the most part, you want a professional looking photo, with good lighting and a neutral background.

DO’s and DONT’S for Profile Pics

  1. Do not snip yourself out of a couple or group picture. Only use a double picture if your spouse/partner is also your business partner.

2. Be sure to be dressed at least business casual, and the higher the demographic you are trying to reach, the better dressed you need to be.

3. Be sure to use a simple, neutral backdrop for your picture. There are a few occasions and backdrops that would be appropriate. If you sell mainly to golfers, dress in a golf shirt and take pic on golf course. Or if your niche is mountain or lake living, a very well shot picture in those scenes are great.

4. Be sure that your face almost fills the frame, a close-up.

5. Be aware of the lighting, you want professional lighting or natural lighting. For those with darker complexions, take a couple of test shots. You want enough light to show the details and features of your facial features, but also be careful to know have a glare or shine from a flash. (I was a portrait photographer in another life!)

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Let me show you a few examples of what NOT to do, and a few that got it right.

Not very professional for business!
Probably not too bad, but off center







Obviously snipped out of a group picture, again off center
Lighting is terrible, selfies are NOT for business profile pics!








I mean, I am sure she is a cutie, but what does this have to do with business?
I am guessing he is overlooking at great spot at night?








No duo shots unless you are business partners!
Please don’t just snip yourself out of a duo pic!







People of darker complexions have to be very careful with lighting, not too dark but not too light…
This might be a great dating app pic, but is also an example of how not to do lighting for a biz pic.









A great example of a professional headshot!
This too, and I love that there is some space around her face.








A good portrait studio headshot.
While not the very best, this shows that even a quick snapshot with the right lighting can work well.








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