What Do You Want Your Life as an Agent to Look Like?

When you first thought of getting your license and becoming a real estate agent, you probably had some picture in your mind of what you thought your life might be like as an agent. You may have arrived at that place, but more than likely you have not.

It is okay to dream of success, of your future, but if you want it to become a reality, you have to define that dream, that life, and then put forth a plan to systematically work towards achieving that dream, one step at a time.

Before you can plan how to get where you want to go, you have to be clear about where you actually want to end up.

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there. ~~ Cheshire Cat

If don’t define where you want to go, you will likely end up very busy, but not gaining traction toward the life and career you want. That is where you need to ask yourself some questions. I will list them below, but you can also download them to work through them on your own and with determination.

  1. How much do you want to make annually?
  2. How many houses will you have to sell to reach that goal?
  3. Do you want to primarily work with sellers or with buyers? Or both?
  4. How many listings and/or buyers can you handle at one time?
  5. What demographics do you primarily want to attract? (age, hobbies, career, etc)
  6. Are you at the right broker/on the right team to achieve these goals?
  7. How many hours per week can you work your business, up front and behind the scenes?
  8. How much money do you have to invest in your success, for marketing, for training, etc?
  9. Do you currently have a good list of contacts that you want to nurture into sales and/or referrals?
  10. Are you looking to build your list to increase the number of leads you have to nurture and market to?
  11. Do you currently email your contacts on a regular basis?
  12. Which social media platforms are you currently using to market your business?
  13. What changes can you make to expand your business and your horizons over the next 3, 6, and 9 months?

I encourage you to download and save the questions and answer them for yourself. Be sure to date it and print it out where you can see it regularly.

Another great technique to help you see where you are heading is to turn the answers above into paragraph/story format. I encourage you to do this exercise and I would love for you to share your paragraph in the comments below. Below is an example:

I am a real estate agent working with doctors and other higher income professions. I work with buyers and sellers as I have built a good network of potential clients and referrals. I have done this by utilizing Facebook Ads as well as LinkedIn ads to reach the clientele I want to work with. I am sure to have a method to capture email addresses on my website and offer relevant content on my blog weekly that pertains to my clients and market. I also nurture my list by emailing them on a weekly basis, a simple email with useful info to the homeowner.
I work about 30 hours a week in my business and I will earn $120k this calendar year. I invest a percentage back into my business for marketing, and also for customer gifts. I also invest a percentage in my own personal growth and development as it take effort to maintain a mindset for this level of success. I love the broker I work with as they encourage yet challenge the team to be the best versions of themselves.
I am happy with my current work/life balance. I am able to work enough to make the income I want, but have also implemented systems and automation to free up my time to do the things I love. I love being a realtor and can’t imagine doing anything else for a career!

Share your story in the comments below!

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