How to Set Up a Facebook Page for your Real Estate Business

Whether you are an avid Facebook user or not, you need to have a Facebook Business Page. This is different from your personal page, and it is important that you not use a personal page for your real estate business. There are special features of a Business Page that you will need in the days and months to come.

I wanted to share simple-step-by-step instructions on the set-up so there would be no questions or hesitation.

Steps to set up a Facebook Business Page:

  • On your personal page, look up to far right at the drop-down menu beside the question mark, click on the dropdown and choose Create Page.
  • Choose business or brand, and then choose your name and category. This name is what your Facebook URL and title will be, so you want to give a little thought. The good news is that you can change your @username on your About page, but Facebook won’t allow numerous changes. Put something simple now, and once you have gotten to the place or branding your business, you can update it then.
  • Then add your address, you will have to put a full address but can choose to only have your city and state show.

  1. Upload your profile picture. Use the best you have for now, but see this post for tips on the best profile pic.
  2. Upload a cover photo. Eventually you will want a better picture with a logo and text, but for now, find a great house picture to use. The dimensions of a FB cover photo are 851 x 315 pixels. When you do replace with a planned cover image, remember that the left corner will be covered with your profile picture.
  3. Add a short description about yourself and business services.This shows up when people search for your name and gives a quick glance to who you are and what you do.
  4. Once you have these things in place, you can send invites to any or all of your Facebook friends. You are beginning to build your circle of influence right here!
  5. This would be a good place for a break if you need to finish this in 2 sittings.
  6. Next, look on the left side for the About button. Click into it and fill out the pertinent information, especially your webpage. While still in the About Page, click on the Story button, this would be a great place for your profile story and another picture that tells more about who you are. This will show on the sidebar when a visitor is on your page.
  7. Speaking of this, when you are editing your page, you are seeing it as the page owner. To see what a visitor might see, click here and choose View as Visitor:  

This is a good start for your Facebook page, you’ll tweak it regularly as your business progresses. Once you get your page up and running, leave a link in the comments below.

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