Don’t lose leads due to simple mistakes

Be sure to keep every lead that comes your way

While researching realtor’s profiles, whether on Facebook, LinkedIn, or other pages, I came across numerous links that took to me to a “Page Does Not Exist” response. As a realtor, your marketing and your networking sends potential leads to your various links. Each and every click is a potential listing or buyer. If they run into a missing page, or broken link, you may have lost your chance at a good first impression and they will likely click away. 

Here is a short list of links to check, you may have others:

  • Your Facebook personal page profile, the pages that you link to
  • Your business Facebook page, make sure that links to your website and other pertinent sites work
  • Your LinkedIn Profile and your contact information (this is where I found a LOT of errors)
  • Your website where social links are listed
  • Also, be sure to change your email address in the contact areas of any page if you happen to get a different email for any reason

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