Once upon a time there were two realtors who were best friends as well as colleagues. First there was Patty, who had raised her family and was now hoping to become a better agent now that she had more time. Second was Susan, whose kids were not quite out of the house yet, but she was determined to build her real estate business to ensure she could help put her kids through college and give them a great start into adulthood. Her life is full of business duties, as well as being chauffeur, cheerleader, and supporter for her teenagers.

Meet Patty:

Patty’s days were busy too, but really had no structure behind them. Some days she got up early and went to work out, other days she slept in, had her coffee, then took the dog for a walk around the neighborhood. Occasionally, she would drive through a neighborhood and think that it was probably a goldmine for listings and would determine that she would come back sometime when she was better prepared to prospect.

Most mornings though, she would scroll through her personal Facebook page, sharing funny stories from her feed, and keeping her eye out for anyone in her friend list who might be considering moving, buying, or selling.

She was sure to go to all her Broker’s meetings and training opportunities and always took good notes with full intention to implement what she had heard. Usually though, those notes were just filed away for “getting to it sometime”.

Patty was feeling frustrated because she couldn’t seem to get her name out and gain any traction. She had only sold 3 houses this year so far, and that wasn’t earning nearly the income she had hoped for.

Patty was what you might call a “Flying by the Seat of Her Pants Agent”.

Meet Susan:

Susan knew she had to squeeze as much as she could out of every day, so she arose earlier than her teens, around 5:30 each morning. She hopped on her treadmill, listening to a personal development audio book. “One must always be learning”, she thought. After the treadmill, she would take a quick shower, grab her coffee and sit at her computer.

Opening Facebook, personal and business page, and her list of relevant content to share that she kept online in Evernote, she shared a post about how decorating your porch or deck can help add perceived value to your home when selling. She added her own few words of suggestions at the top of the post. She shared this on both her Facebook pages, her LinkedIn page, and Twitter. She also chose a motivational and uplifting meme/quote to share in the same places.

After waking her kids, Susan continued to scroll through her Facebook feed, looking for posts from her friends to like or comment on. She does this with a genuine heart, but it is all part of her top-of-mind strategy.

After running her kids to their drop-offs, she heads back to her home office to start making phone calls. She keeps a simple database in a spreadsheet of her Circle of Influence and systematically works her way through the list at least 3 times a year. While she does send some emails and texts, she has a goal to make 5 “How have you been doing?” calls per day. She is sure to note her spreadsheet, and task herself to do any specific follow up such as call the Bakers next month for a pre-listing appointment, or calling her tennis partner’s sister-in-law who is looking to move into the area.

One morning a week she sets aside time to look on MLS for FSBOs or Expireds to reach out to. She works these into her phone call time in the morning.

With her basic prospecting actions done for the day, she dives into other business that needs to be done for her clients. Calling and scheduling home inspections, getting Contracts taken care of, searching MLS for listings to show her 3 buyers she is currently working with. She fields several calls/texts/emails concerning her 5 listings she has at the moment. Looking at each client she is currently working with, she decides what is the next action that needs to be taken to move the process along. She also looks at her hottest potential leads and takes next steps to secure the listing or having a buyer agree to work with her.

Part of her business actions include reaching out to her network of local realtor friends. They have a “system” whereby they let each other know about listings coming up or buyers’ wishlist that they are looking for. She has had great luck working with these other agents, being able to sell one of their listings to a buyer or selling one of her listings to their buyer.

Some of the other things Susan does regularly is keep her car stocked with flyers offering a complimentary pre-listing appointment. She works at least 2 Saturday mornings of door-to-door prospecting in prospecting neighborhoods. She is also part of several non-real estate networking groups and attends their events each month. She wholeheartedly takes in the information presented by her Broker each month, and works to implement new actions as part of her processes.

Susan is very pleased with her progress so far this year. She has sold 12 houses, and with her current listings and buyers, she expects to close a few more this month. Even though she has had great achievement this year, she knows that she must constantly work to fill her pipeline so that she can continue to secure listings and buyers.

To keep her pipeline filled to the brim, Susan knows that her marketing processes, her prospecting methods, her planned framework for her daily schedule, etc are crucial. She continually works to tweak her systems after seeing what brings the best results.

Quite the opposite of her friend Patty, we could call Susan a “Systematic Successful Agent.” 

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