A Tale of Two Realtors- Which one are you?

Once upon a time there were two realtors who were best friends as well as colleagues. First there was Patty, who had raised her family and was now hoping to become a better agent now that she had more time. Second was Susan, whose kids were not quite out of the house yet, but she was determined to build her real estate business to ensure she could help put her kids through college and give them a great start into adulthood. Her life is full of business duties, as well as being chauffeur, cheerleader, and supporter for her teenagers.

Meet Patty:

Patty's days were busy too, but really had no structure behind them. Some days she got up early and went to work out, other days she slept in, had her coffee, then took the dog for a walk around the neighborhood. Occasionally, she would drive through a neighborhood and think that it was probably a goldmine for listings and would determine that she would come back sometime when she was better prepared to prospect.


Real Estate Marketing Made Simple is committed to teaching realtors to implement one step at a time, one area at a time, and then moving to the next area. Consistent daily wins will bring you:

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  • more freedom

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